Witchy Self Care & Humanity Needs Our Help-Witches Unite!

This week I felt called to talk about the violence and hate that has been a disease in our country and across the globe. I talk about healing ourselves so that we can be the change we are looking for. Let's talk shadow work, self-care, and healing on a global level! I realize this isn't the most exciting witch topic, but I felt it was important to speak about. 

I also provide a ritual that is simple and we can all do together to do our part and make a difference using our witchy skills! I'll post a blog post with the ritual directions if you don't have time to write it down as you listen to this episode. After I relistened to the episode I realized that I based this ritual on a meditation that Rena Dwelle of https://www.facebook.com/HolisticHealingTherapeutics/ offered up for a group of us a while back. I wanted to give her some credit for inspiring me!

I also give you ideas for witchy self-care! You can put a bit of your practice in just about any self-care and self-love activity!


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