Valentine’s Day And Lupercalia

Valentine's Day & Lupercalia

Valentine's Day and Lupercalia are two celebrations that are intertwined by history and legends. Valentine’s Day. When I think of this over commercialized holiday, images of candy hearts, roses, and chocolates come to mind. To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of this particular holiday due to the commercialization of love and advertising programming the masses to believe that gift giving equals love. Love every day, not just on one specific day deemed necessary by modern capitalism.

But that doesn’t mean that this can’t be a fun and important holiday for you. It does remind us to express our affection for those whom we love and that is never a bad idea.  Since I’m a research nerd and I absolutely love the history of our modern day holidays and the anthropological details regarding them, so I felt today we shall dive deep into the history of this day of eternal love; Valentine’s Day.

Let's look at this day's origins with some Roman history and their celebration of Lupercalia.  This was celebrated at the Ides of February, or the full moon, which was around February 15th.  Let's dive into this bloody holiday and find out how the hell it came to be morphed into the hearts and flowers celebration it is today.

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