The American Uterus And Collective Healing w/ Bonus Meditation

Abortion. Yup, going to talk about it. I'm sure I will trigger, upset, and lose listeners over this. But I will be as honest and respectful as possible while staying authentic.  If I am not authentic, I am missing the point of doing a podcast.  Whether you are on one side or the other, we all need to heal.  If anything positive is to come from this very traumatic and serious debate, it is that we are wounded as a collective.  This subject brings out the worst in people because it's personal and it's fear based for the most part.  I talk about the stats, my position, and what we can do to heal ourselves and each other.  

There is a bonus meditation after the show that I recorded just for this podcast! Please don't listen to it while driving or operating machinery.  Find a peaceful and safe place to listen to it, preferably with headphones to get the full benefits from it.

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