Spooky Storytime With Becky, Witchy Conversations, And I’m Basically a Hobbit

OMG this story is bananas! Becky M. is one of the winners of the spooky story contest and on this week's episode, she tells us her story! Then we have the most amazing conversation about witchy stuff, mediumship, spirit guides, Brad and his donkey, and that by definition we are basically Hobbits; short, like two breakfasts, would love to live in the Shire, and want to dance and be merry! 

I haven't really ever done any episode sponsorships but I have someone who I'd like to share with you! This week I got to share a friend and small business ower's information with you all! She really is an amazing soul and I'd love if you checked out her witchy wares! She creates amazing statement jewelry, magickal tools, spell candles, and more.

Check her out at https://www.dopemystic.com/ and here on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/forallthingsdopeandmystical/



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