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Scary Stories From My Peeps

Mercury Retrograde has whooped my ass, seriously.  I planned for this to be out on Halloween and it just did not happen. Sooooo here it is! Again, so sorry this was screwed up! These are a few of my friends sharing some amazing stories involving the paranormal!  Big thanks to each of them for sharing!!!

My Peeps and Their Business Pages:

Rena Dwelle is a Master Dowser, Geomancer, and Spiritual Alchemist. Using the foundational teachings of her education and working with Spiritual Masters, including St. Germain and Prince, she upgraded her practice and created the Crystalline Ray Wisdom School.

Rena is the owner of Holistic Healing Therapeutics, headquarters located in Bismarck, North Dakota. She began her journey as Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. Her love for the energy healing arts grew as she embarked on the journey to learn more through other unique modalities including Core Synchronism, Access the Bars, Tarot and Mediumship Readings, Inner Diamond, and Diamond Dowsing.

Peggy Ewing Casper is a paranormal investigator as well as herbal alchemist! She owns White Crow Organics.  There she creates organic herbal tea blends for various intentions. To find out how she can assist you please email her at

Shelley Leggett is a spiritually gifted healer who channels divine source energy through her gifts of Reiki, use of crystals and mediumship. She is a certified aromatherapist, crystal energy healer and angel intutive. In her practice she attunes to her clients and allows all of these modalities to manifest for the greater good of her client. Shelley receives divine guidance through her various selection of tarot and oracle cards to assist her clients in the questions they have for their own personal journey.



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