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I’m an eclectic pagan witch, psychic medium, reiki master teacher, and I share my life and knowledge with you. I discuss witchcraft, paganism, spirituality, social topics, psychic abilities, spirit guides, spells, and magic! I get to interview spiritual and occult authors as well as social media witch creators! I also share what it is like to be a witch in a remote area in the midwest US.
This is a podcast for witches of all ages and experience! I try hard to share a variety of topics to educate. I also get to talk about some of the more spooky and paranormal things that happen in my life and how I deal with them.
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March 29, 2022

Resharing - Disabilities In The Spiritual Community with Taryn Ash

Disabilities In The Spiritual & Witch Communities

I'm resharing one of our episodes today that I feel is a very important topic and needs to be discussed more.  Access to events, retreats, etc seem to be no better than they were when this episode aired. I am contemplating going to a retreat this fall and I see no way that anyone in a wheelchair could attend all the events. As with some that I see not too far from me that are happening this spring. I'm not sure how to change things other than allow voices like Taryn's to be heard. 

We talk about her experience as a person with physical limitations and how that affects her spiritual practice.  I think this is a subject that isn't talked about enough and we need to start a conversation within our community.  

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