Numerology, Lawn Mowers, And Trains

Get a pen and paper! This is a Numerology 101 type episode! I dive into Life Path Numbers and what each one means! I am hoping you love numerology and all the possibilities it opens up for guidance in your life! One of the big reasons I wanted to do this podcast was to educate on the things that I find helpful in my life and numerology has been on my episode list for a while now! So excited to see what you think of it!

I am still finding my 'podcast legs' at the new house and it's been a struggle to find privacy and quiet to record. So this one was recorded all over the house, seriously. I moved from the dining room, to livingroom, to my bedroom, and then back to the living room while people mowed their lawns all around my house! And then there are the trains! OMG I cut out a zillion train whistles LOL! All I can do is my best and laugh at all the little sounds in the background! LOL

Here are some numerology links to research your number:

I hope you enjoy this episode and learn something from it!

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