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Magickal Cats And The Black Moon

Welcome to Episode 27! Where I stumble over words and even tell you it's episode 26, but it's actually 27! Bwahahaha! OMG I need sleep! 

I do talk about the Black Moon, Mercury Retrograde ending, and other happenings in the Cosmos this week! Lammas is August 1 and I give you a quick rundown on what that's all about and the correspondences.

I'm a crazy cat lady so I figured it was about time that we go over cats in the magickal world! I talk about witches, the Catholic church, and deities associated with or that look like cats!

Forgive me for a haphazard episode! I tried, I may have failed, but damn it it's out there now and I can't take it back! LOL!

Spelling for stuff I can't pronounce:

Freya's 2 Blue Cats: Bygul and Trjegul

Aztec God: Tezcatlipoca and his jaguar form, Tepeyollotl 

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