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I’m an eclectic pagan witch, psychic medium, reiki master teacher, and I share my life and knowledge with you. I discuss witchcraft, paganism, spirituality, social topics, psychic abilities, spirit guides, spells, and magic! I get to interview spiritual and occult authors as well as social media witch creators! I also share what it is like to be a witch in a remote area in the midwest US.
This is a podcast for witches of all ages and experience! I try hard to share a variety of topics to educate. I also get to talk about some of the more spooky and paranormal things that happen in my life and how I deal with them.
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August 25, 2022

I’m Back with Salicrow - The Path of Elemental Witchcraft

I'm Back with Salicrow - The Path of Elemental Witchcraft - A Wyrd Woman's Book of Shadows

I'm back finally! After a LONG hiatus I'm feeling like I am inspired to podcast again! Thank you for allowing me the space to have this break, I really needed it and my personal life really needed it.  

Here I'm sharing an interview I had with Salicrow regarding her newest book: The Path of Elemental Witchcraft- A Wyrd Woman's Book of Shadows. She tells us about her foundation and upbringing with witchcraft and granny magic as well as some really great tidbits of wisdom she shares with us!

Thank you again for this beautiful space you gave me this summer! You are ALL appreciated so much!

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