Diamond Dowsing, Hecate, & Parental Woes-Ep 10

This week I talk about the badass Goddess Hecate and her story. If you'd like to put together an altar for her I list correspondences and her animal familiars as well.  

I touch base with the issues of being a parent and being 'out' as a spiritual weirdo compared to the mainly Christian population here in rural America. 

I interview Rena Dwelle of Holistic Healing Therapeutics in Bismark North Dakota, and she shares her healing modality, Diamond Dowsing.  Her healing modality is so very interesting and involves the frequencies of light! She talks about helping spirits move on, energy vortexes, and how she helps create positive change for her clients! Get ahold of her at https://www.facebook.com/HolisticHealingTherapeutics/ to talk to her about how she can help you! 

Also check out the blog post this week here: Hecate, Diamond Dowsing, & Living My Truth

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