Dear Diary- Trusting You With My Most Vulnerable Thoughts

Dear Diary..

So the world does not stop turning because of the coronavirus and my family is no exception. I am sharing this part of my life with you because I feel you deserve to see not just the fun magickal parts but also the shitty mundane things too. My role as a parent is hard, just like the rest of the parents out there. We never know if we are doing good or causing harm by our parenting choices and that is the worst part for me. Do my choices hurt my family? Should I have stayed in both closets to spare my family any negative effects from that? I'd be miserable, I do know that. Being able to live out and as I wish is empowering and scary but I love it. 

Please PLEASE do NOT contact my daughter or anyone else involved in this mess. I am trusting you to just let it be. It would cause irreparable damage and probably court if anyone tries to contact her. So light a candle, say a prayer, or whatever you do in that respect, I would appreciate that a lot. 

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