Deadwood Ghosts With The Hubby

We had an impromptu trip to the VA hospital (nothing serious) in Rapid City South Dakota so we decided to make a quick fun trip out of it and stay in Deadwood! We stayed at the historic Franklin Hotel and it was so cool! The rooms are all the rustic original looking stuff and we had a great time! We went to the Mount Moriah Cemetary where some historical cowboy figures are buried We wanted to visit it after dark but it closes before then so we made do with daylight ;) 

Then we found a brothel ghost tour at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Deadwood! OMG it was so much fun! I'll be posting the pictures in the Witchy Woman Friends FB group! So check them out and let me know what you see!

We had a great time spending some alone time together being silly and having fun! He won't read these show notes but thank you so much to my hubby, Brad, for humoring me and doing all the spooky stuff we did and also for letting me boss you around when we record! LOL love you lots honey!

The Dead Files investigation of the Fairmont:  This is the whole episode, Season 3 Episode 10

Ghost Adventures investigation of the Fairmont:     This is a whole episode

The Franklin Hotel And Other Spooky shit:

Haunted Deadwood:


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