2020 Astrology With Brandy Burrow

2020 Astrology With Brandy Borrow

Lots of things are happening with 2020 astrology this year and Brandy Borrow gives us a peak and what is going on and what to expect! Hang on because it could be a wild ride! I absolutely love being able to chat with Brandy and learn about astrology! It's one of my weaker skills and she inspires me to dive in and learn more!

Guest-Brandy Burrow Information

Thank you so much to Brandy Burrow for coming onto the show again and sharing her amazing gift of astrology! I enjoy our chats so much!

Check out her FB page to learn more about how she can assist in guiding you using astrology and her intuitive gifts!  https://www.facebook.com/BrandyBurrowPsychicMedium/

If you'd like to read more about her and her intuitive gifts please head over to her website https://brandyburrowpsychicmedium.com/

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